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10 Things to Check Before Buying a Pregnancy Pillow

Nursing pillow, maternity cushion, pregnancy duffel, or any other equivalent name is your best friend when you suffer from heavy legs, sciatica, low back pain during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillow, maternity cushion, nursing pillow, or any other equivalent name is your best friend when you suffer from heavy legs, sciatica, low back pain during your pregnancy. It accompanies you during the preparation phase until birth.


It is the companion of your naps and your peaceful nights, it even take the place of your lover when you no longer know how to position yourself to sleep or relax. It will be your ally to feed the baby without hurting your back.


You will probably discover it at your midwife, or by a friend if she is well-intentioned and agrees to give you some of her secrets to stay a future super-mom! 😉 Pregnancy pillow allows you, depending on its size, to breastfeed twins simultaneously, and in case of Caesarean section allows you to nourish the newborn either with breastfeed or bottle without pressing the scar.


In fact pregnancy pillow is a multi-purpose, versatile product, made to be durable because the whole family adopts it very quickly. Dad to sleep better, have less back pain, or just relax in front of the TV. When feeding the baby, dad will appreciate it very much.


You will also like to place it in the park or the bed to reassure baby, use it in the first ages, then stall your toddler when he begins to sit. Later your child will remember it, it is often an object to which the baby will get attache and like to reassure itself by installing itself, coiled, inside.


We prefer to call it a maternity cushion rather than a pregnancy pillow because it concerns every pregnant woman during their pregnancy and is in no way reserved for breastfeeding only.

Pregnancy Pillow
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Indeed to give the bottle or just cuddle, nobody sulks a good cushion that comfortably stops the back and prevents the pain, the dad and grandmother, once tested the cushion, usually have nothing against (quite the contrary …) .


Here are some important points to check before making your purchasing a pregnancy pillow:


Check the filling of the pregnancy pillow.

It’s essential. Spelled, polystyrene or ecograph microbeads, kapok, cork pellets, mixed mix, etc. Forget the kapok (material of traditional bolsters and pillows) as well as any other form of foam for your maternity cushion. No interest.


Your cushion is not malleable, and once positioned on it it collapses. On the other hand malleable materials like some cereals, cork and microbeads will take the form you give to the cushion, and maintain it.


The cereals are interesting because mostly organic. But pay attention to weight, and noise. For microbeads check their quality, some are very close to labels ökotex and toxproof, others go away. Are they free of toxic substances? Recyclables? Washable, and if yes at 30 or 60 ° (lice and small animals of all sizes, including bacteria, must be washed at 60 ° minimum to disappear).


Also beware of flame retarded microbeads, which contain endocrine disruptors. It is better to have a flammable cushion (you will not smoke above the cushion or put it on your radiator, isn’t it? Then it is ok to have these substances. Check that the microbeads are not flameproofed.


By working with midwives, we have been very clear that they recommend the micro-bead (polystyrene or ecograph, the ecological equivalent), it is the lightest and most malleable material that makes it possible to use its maternity cushion well and most easy to maintain.


Numerous delivery rooms are equipped with pregnancy pillow in microbeads. It should be checked for its origin and its absence of flame retardant (toxic) or other phthalates.


“Organic mums” tend more spontaneously towards spelled or cork. Ball of spelled / cork or microbeads is very different. The ideal would be to be able to compare in a friend, midwife or in-store, because the feeling is very different, or to have the opportunity to make a free return, in order to test it at home.


Spelled ball cushions are considerably heavier, and less “swollen” than the microbeads, but for some, the weight is a real advantage when they are seated to breastfeed or give the bottle.


Be careful however to handle this cushion of about 5kg (depending on brand) to avoid back pain. It should be noted that although it is a cereal, the spelled ball does not give any allergy, and has soothing virtues on sleep quality as well as on rheumatic pains.


Cork is a very good compromise: lighter than spelled (on average 2 or 3 kg depending on the brand), washable, and especially 100% natural and grown without pesticides. Its appearance, like spelled, is more granular. More stable and less leaky, it will be an asset for breastfeeding, but a little less comfortable to sleep or relax on.



There is also a mixed, blend of ecograph microbeads and cork pellets. The stability of the cork, the comfort of the ball, with 100% natural materials, and a fully washable cushion. The cushion is about 1.3kg. The quality of the filling also affects the noise. If you are sensitive, choose a cushion with the finest possible filling.


What will you use it for?

Do you plan to use it only to breastfeed or bottle feed, or do you think you need it during your pregnancy? This will determine whether you need a pregnancy pillow for this purpose only, or a more versatile maternity and nursing cushion, which you can use to rest, take positions that relieve contractions, heavy legs, Back, sciatica, and helping you find a comfortable sleeping position.


This versatile maternity cushion can accompany you throughout the pregnancy, including preparation for childbirth. It is very popular for practicing sophrology or during haptonomy courses. Expect twins? Check the length of your maternity cushion. It should be able to wrap around your waist and be held in place by ties to breastfeed twins.


Did you have a Caesarean section? The pregnancy pillow will help you breastfeed without pressing the scar. Moreover, its use reassures and facilitates the relaxation necessary for breastfeeding. Do you want to use it as a cozy nest for your baby? Is the cushion sold with a cover or a system to position baby on it?


Would you use it outdoors, or on the beach? Does the brand produce matching outdoor covers that allow you to sit comfortably in the sun without pain (but with cream, of course!) Or put the cushion in the grass when the children play?


What would be the size?

The pregnancy pillow should be long enough for your hands to rest on when you put your head in the center in a relaxing posture. Similarly if you are lactating (ideal for back and rest, as well as for leaving baby without waking him when asleep) it must be long enough to wedge you both in a secure position.


Attention, some manufacturers give the dimensions in the center, others from the ends through the side, which is why you can find a cushion indicated 185cm which is actually the same size as that indicated 210cm. It all depends on how you measure.


What form are you looking for?

When I was pregnant I made the cushion myself, I saw mothers bring me other cushions to transform for them. Their form were much too curved not allowing to position them correctly. They must be banana-shaped, sufficiently curved but not too much, otherwise you will not be able to use it comfortably to sleep with.


What are the ecological impact?

The pregnancy pillow must be of sufficient quality to have a good life. Do you have any information about the manufacturing circuits of the nursing pillow and the provenance of the materials? Are these designed to limit the ecological impact? Who works in their manufacture? Is this a criterion of choice for you? Is the microbead used recycled (can not verify that there are no endocrine disruptors), is it high density (less collapsing)? Where do the materials come from? Are the fabrics oko-tex?




Do you want to buy a new one for each pregnancy? Or do you prefer a cushion that you can replenish (recharge) and wash? Is your cushion of good quality, ready to withstand the assaults of your growing child?


The Maintenance

There remains the question of washing. For microbeads make sure they are washable, and at what temperature. Below 60 ° the germs and other passing lice are not eliminated. Microbeads should be less than or equal to 1mn in diameter (more comfortable and less sound).


Aesthetical Aspect

Not to neglect. The cushion will not only sit in the baby room, but also in the living room. Yellow canary with small blue rabbits on your chocolate sofa … it makes you hesitate? In the same spirit see if you prefer a cover in sponge, fleece or cotton. Think of maintenance as well as comfort, and your visual rest in the deco! If you change this one, do you have the option of re-ordering a single cover?


What are the recommendations?

Is the cushion you plan to buy recommended by health professionals? Used by maternity? Was it advised by a friend? What are the reviews on the net?


When I was expecting my first child, in 2005, I discovered the nursing cushion, or maternity cushion, at my midwife’s. I found this tool very useful for sleeping better whi pregnant, and also interesting because it’s durable. Indeed it is not one of the things that you buy for the baby and that will only serve a few months. I used it during pregnancy and breastfeeding. My husband also adopted it, whether it be to sleep or to settle in the sofa … Our big girl still plays with and love in it to read!









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