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How to get pregnant Quickly

How to get pregnant quickly - Or rather how NOT to get pregnant. This is what might be called the "PP" or "pill paradox": the revolution of contraception can sometimes give the illusion that a

How to get pregnant

How to get pregnant quickly – Or rather how NOT to get pregnant. This is what might be called the “PP” or “pill paradox”: the revolution of contraception can sometimes give the illusion that a baby is coming when we finally want it. But sometimes, when we want, it does not work … So, how to boost fertility to finally make that little baby…


It is not enough to stop the pill to be pregnant: some couples must wait six months before it works … Yes, in fact, a woman has only a 20% chance of getting pregnant each cycle. This is why it is generally recommended to persevere for at least one year before consulting a doctor on how to get pregnant quickly.


You must find out your ovulation day

Face it, we do not always proficient about ovulation: you must first determine the length of the cycle, that is to say, the period from the 1st day of menstruation the 1st day of the following period. It varies from one woman to another, from 25 to about 35 days. Then, to find the ovulation day, you must count backward: one egg 12 to 14 days before the end of the cycle.


That’s it, you have determined your big day? To increase your chances of getting pregnant quickly, the idea, it’s to make love in the two days before ovulation. Why before? This is the time required for the sperm (24 to 48 hours) to reach the egg …


Be aware that there are also other ways to determine ovulation, such as temperature curve, the observation of cervical mucus, or tests sold in pharmacies. You can consult a family planning or your family doctor to find out more about how to get pregnant quickly.


Make love often

This is not a scoop, but as we recall! We have seen, the fertile period is short and varies from women. Make love often, will maximize your chances of getting pregnant!


To simplify the travel time of the sperm, here are some common sense recommendations: do not defy gravity and favor “classic” positions such as the missionary; after love, banish douching and stay lying for about 30 minutes; Some even advise the woman to put her “feet to the wall” or elevate the hips with a pillow, just to give a boost to the sperm …


Eliminate smoking and drinking

Cigarettes and alcohol, they are not good for your health in general and especially for fertility! According to experts, smoking reduces the level of estrogen. Consequence: a smoker of 35 years has the same fertility as a non-smoker of 40 years … So you have to learn how to stop smoking before learning how to get pregnant quickly!


As for alcohol, it would disrupt the production of progesterone by the egg. Result: the nesting of the fertilized egg is more problematic, and miscarriage is more frequent…


The good resolution is to stop, at least 3 months before conception. And that also goes for the (future) Dad: tobacco and alcohol harm the quality and vitality of sperm.



Optimize your weight

Being overweight, that minimizes your chances of getting pregnant … the same goes for being underweight too! Indeed, to work perfectly and produce hormones, the female organism must have a proper percentage of fat.


We speak of “weight maximum fertility.” Some examples: fertility weight of a woman of 5 feet and 31 inches is approximately 121lbs – 145lb; that of a woman of 5 feet 51 inches is about 130lbs – 156 lbs.


The good news is that this “peak fertility weight” is greater than “healthy weight”. No draconian regime in perspective, therefore, a healthy lifestyle should be enough!


Lead a healthy lifestyle

Please note, we are not telling you it is absolutely necessary to become champion kite-surfing to hope to get pregnant! But some regular exercise, such as swimming or walking, this can promote your fertility: sport in moderation contributes to your physical and mental well-being, two important elements when you want to have a baby.


Similarly, a few months before conception, be more careful of what you eat. That does not mean you mainly put on a diet! Just eat a little of everything, varied and balanced. It will allow you to naturally get your fill of all these essential nutrients to the female and male fertility: vitamins A, B6, B12, C and E and essential fatty acids, zinc, selenium, manganese and iron. And like that, you’ll be in great shape while finding out how to get pregnant quickly!


Seek alternative medicine

Homeopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicines … cannot substitute for assisted reproductive techniques. But if you believe in their benefits, they may, at first, help regulate your biological functions and reduce possible stress, harmful to fertility.


Indeed, stress and fertility do not mix. This lack of fertility (irregular cycles, poor quality sperm, decreased libido …) would be a “normal” response of the body in a situation of insecurity, as the animals procreate little when in danger or in captivity.


Choose the right season

Fertility is not the same throughout the year. Sperm are produced in greater numbers in early spring and late fall. They are more mobile in the late summer, early fall. So the fall, early winter that seems, for men, the most propitious time to conceive a baby.


Pay attention to drugs

Certain analgesics, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory prostaglandins affect hormones that have a role in the contraction of the uterus. Ask your doctor but better abstain during the period of ovulation.


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