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Early Signs of Pregnancy 1st Week

Absence or delayed of menstruation, unusual fatigue, swollen breasts, dizziness

Early signs of pregnancy 1st week

Absence or delayed of menstruation, unusual fatigue, swollen breasts, dizziness … Pregnant or not? Long before the pregnancy test or a visit to your gynecologist, some warning of early signs of pregnancy 1st week can put you at ease.


The hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy can cause certain symptoms … who are called “friendly” signs of pregnancy. But you need to know these signs are not always friendly. In some women, they are emerging from the first week of conception. For others, it takes a few weeks. There is a third category of women … those who see no change both physiological and psychological.


Here is a list of the Early signs of pregnancy 1st week

Bleeding associated with implantation: This type of hemorrhage can begin six to twelve days after conception when the embryo implants in the uterine wall. This is one of the first signs of pregnancy.


Delayed or missed periods: this is one of the first early signs of pregnancy 1st week in most women. There are always exceptions because some have irregular periods or periods of amenorrhea (spontaneous cessation of menstruation). Therefore the absence of your period is not always reliable in early pregnancy.


Breast harder, tighter and more inflated with bulging nipples which become darker and sometimes cover with small swellings grainy bubble … Are you pregnant or not? Your breasts may also answer this question. In general, this part of the body becomes more sensitive. This phenomenon can be observed in the first or second week after conception.


Dislikes or sudden urges! Some popular foods are no longer popular. Sometimes it is a genuine disgust. Certain smells can also sicken you.


Nausea especially morning: this pregnancy symptom is perhaps the best known and most feared among mothers. They can occur between two to eight weeks after conception and can last for the first months of pregnancy.


Vomiting: Some women may be victims but this symptom is rare.


Early signs of pregnancy 1st weekIncreased saliva and sensitivity to smell: the smell can often upset you and / or trigger nausea. In some cases, some women could not stand the smell of a toothpaste brand that I like before.


Appetite and modified food tastes: some women will be always hungry.


Belly hard and swollen: early pregnancy, some women may be constipated, have stomach cramps or heartburn or bloating feeling. Increased progesterone production can indeed disrupt the intestinal transit.


Urination: This symptom can last for nine months.


Back pain can is also an early signs of pregnancy 1st week and end at the end of the pregnancy ….


To be taken lightly! Some mothers become hypersensitive. A pregnant woman can often cry like a madeleine be moody or irritable. Be careful not to offend the mother.


Fatigue … a sign that does not deceive: the urge to doze or sleep is common in early pregnancy. However, nighttime sleep may be disturbed. This symptom may start within the first week after conception.


– Dizziness: be aware that pregnancy beginnings are tiring and they sometimes cause dizziness. To remedy this, you can take alternating hot and cold showers, a healthy and balanced diet and take the opportunity to walk and breathe fresh air. If you are too dizzy, you need to visit your doctor.


– Beware of mycoses! Pregnant women have more vaginal secretions. The likelihood of infections due to a fungus is not impossible.


– Tearing in the groin area? This is perhaps one of the early signs of pregnancy. During the first weeks, the amount of estrogen is rising and relaxes the ligaments to allow the belly fat.


Despite all these warning signs, it is preferable to perform a pregnancy test and visit your doctor if you are unsure.










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